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Bully Prevention/ Teacher 4 The Day

Winfield ATA believes it is important for all children to feel safe at school

Stop bullying in its tracks by giving children the self-confidence they need to defeat bullies!


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Winfield ATA Martial Arts

Bully Prevention/ Teacher 4 The Day

ATA Martial Arts uses an integrative system for all students in which we monitor our student’s behavior in our classes, at home, and at school. Inviting your instructor to be the Teacher-For-A-Day at your school, inviting them to speak to your child’s classroom, or do an Assembly Presentation is a great way to not only reinforce the same life skills that we teach at ATA, but also expose the other kids in their classroom to the same principles.

Important Education that may be missing from your child's school

When we are invited to your child’s school, we discuss topics like: Discipline, Respect, Confidence, Focus, Self-Esteem, and much more. Our interactive Martial Arts presentation gets the children actively learning how to apply those skills at school, and challenges them to continue the behavior long after the presentation has ended.

Our dynamic presentations have produced such great results with student’s behavior at school, and stopped bullying that teachers continuously ask us to return to partner with them in creating Leaders in the classroom!


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Bully Prevention/ Teacher 4 The Day